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Journey into Jim’s: How Karan Found His Calling in Car Detailing

Meet Karan, a man who exchanged his tradesman tools for cleaning equipment, turning his passion for cars into a rewarding profession. Today, he operates one of the two Jim’s Car Detailing franchises in New Zealand. Let’s delve into his journey from the workshop to the driver’s seat of his own franchise, offering a glimpse into […]

Transform Your Handyman Business with a Jim’s Handyman Franchise

  Do you run a handyman business? If so, have you ever considered the benefits of franchising with Jim’s Handyman? As the franchisor for Jim’s Handyman, Robert Young offers a wealth of experience and support to new and existing franchisees. In a recent interview, Young shared some fantastic insights into the benefits and potential of […]

Empowering Green Thumbs: Women Taking Charge at Jim’s Mowing Franchises

Introduction – An Untapped Opportunity in Jim’s Mowing Venturing into the world of lawn care and garden maintenance through franchising is an exciting prospect. However, it’s not just a man’s world anymore. Women are increasingly entering this domain, and Jim’s Mowing is a franchise that acknowledges and supports this diversity. With its remarkable network and […]

Empowering Entrepreneurs: How Mike Built His Dream with Jim’s Mowing

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is a dream for many. Franchising offers a pathway to business ownership that combines independence with the support of an established brand. Jim’s Mowing is one such franchise that has empowered numerous individuals. In this article, we will explore Mike’s journey, a Christchurch-based entrepreneur who has been with Jim’s Mowing […]

Tending to A Greener Future: How Gary Turton Cultivated Success Through Jim’s Mowing Franchise

Introduction: Unlocking Personal and Professional Growth with Jim’s Mowing Gary Turton’s tale of transformation stands as an emblem of fulfillment and prosperity through career reinvention. This compelling narrative showcases how Gary transitioned from a constrained life to one brimming with possibilities by choosing Jim’s Mowing Franchise. His unwavering dedication to customer service and community building, […]

Finding the Balance: Ian Richards’ Transition from Hospitality to Jim’s Mowing Franchise

Introduction: Discovering the Perfect Balance Meet Ian Richards, a devoted family man who successfully shifted gears from a demanding career in hospitality to becoming the owner of a Jim’s Mowing franchise. In this interview, Ian shares his insightful journey, showcasing a remarkable transformation toward work-life balance and personal satisfaction. The Man Behind the Lawnmower: Ian […]

Joining the Jim’s Handyman Franchise: Carving Your Path to Success

When it comes to taking control of your future, Jim’s Group Franchises offers an exciting and accessible opportunity. If you possess the skills and passion to make a positive impact in the handyman industry, this franchise provides a powerful avenue to explore. In a recent interview with Robert Young, the franchise’s regional leader, he shared […]