Building a Rewarding Future with Jim’s Test & Tag: An Interview with Josh Harmer

Embarking on a new career path is no small feat, but for Josh Harmer, the pursuit of balance and fulfillment led him to Jim’s Test & Tag. Located just north of Wellington, New Zealand, Josh’s franchise is thriving and has brought about profound changes in his life. In this article, we will delve into Josh’s journey – from his life before Jim’s, his motivations for making the change, to how he decided to join Jim’s Test & Tag, and the outcomes of that decision.

Josh Harmer’s Life Before Jim’s: Unveiling the Past

Before diving into the world of franchising with Jim’s Group, Josh worked as a construction recruiter, deeply involved in the commercial construction scene in Wellington. His role included connecting construction companies with long-term labor hires and managing around 150 individuals at the peak of his career. These experiences inadvertently prepared him for the transition that lay ahead.

The Catalyst for Change: Seeking a Better Life

Josh’s demanding routine, with 80-hour work weeks, not only left him exhausted but also prevented him from spending quality time with his family. The constant juggling act between work and family life was taking a toll on him.

The COVID-19 lockdown became a turning point. With the world on pause, Josh had a rare opportunity to be with his newborn daughter without the daily hustle. These moments provided a breath of fresh air, prompting him to reevaluate his life.

Winds of Change: Reflecting on True Priorities

During this quieter phase, Josh found himself contemplating what truly mattered to him. He realized that the smiles of his loved ones, the joy in his daughter’s eyes, and the simple pleasures of life were slipping away as he dedicated long hours to work.

It was no longer solely about working for a paycheck; Josh desired a fulfilling life where he could be present for his family, witness the little milestones, and create lasting memories.

Freedom and Flexibility: A New Goal

Josh began yearning for a career that offered freedom and flexibility – the freedom to choose when and how much he worked, and the flexibility to adjust his schedule according to family needs. It was no longer just about making a living; it was about having a life.

Weighing the Options: Exploring Alternatives

With newfound determination, Josh started exploring opportunities that could provide the lifestyle he desired. The constraints of a conventional full-time job no longer satisfied him.

His search was focused on finding a business opportunity that offered autonomy and the ability to be in control. He sought something that would not only provide financial stability but also align with his values.

The Search for a Holistic Lifestyle: Finding the Perfect Fit

As he navigated through various possibilities, Josh aimed to find something that encompassed not just financial security but also personal fulfillment. He embarked on a quest for a career that would meet his financial needs while allowing him to be a present father and husband.

His search eventually led him to the franchising world, where he believed he could find the ideal balance of independence, financial stability, and time for family.

In the next section, we will delve into how Josh discovered Jim’s Test & Tag and why it stood out among other options as the perfect fit for his aspirations.

The Journey with Jim’s Test & Tag: Exploring New Horizons

Charting a Course: Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap

Entering the realm of entrepreneurship, Josh knew he needed a business model that aligned with his professional goals and desired lifestyle.

Although Jim’s Test & Tag wasn’t his initial choice, his exploration took him across various franchise groups and industries. His background in the construction industry naturally inclined him toward the commercial and civil construction sector. However, he remained open-minded, meticulously considering different sectors before making a decision.

He delved deep into the world of franchising, carefully examining each opportunity and assessing the prospects they offered. Considering operational models, financial requirements, and growth potential, he scrutinized the strengths and weaknesses of potential franchises.

Throughout this process, the name that consistently emerged as a promising contender was Jim’s Test & Tag.

Making the Numbers Work: A Pragmatic Decision

Josh, known for his affinity towards numbers, heavily relied on financial considerations when making his choice. He carefully evaluated the cost-effectiveness, profitability, and financial stability of each franchise opportunity.

Among them, Jim’s Test & Tag stood out for its robust business model. With its diverse range of services, including electrical testing and tagging, as well as portable fire safety, the franchise offered multiple revenue streams and the potential for long-term financial stability. This appealed to Josh’s analytical mindset and financial expectations.

Furthermore, Josh’s connections in the construction industry added to the allure of Jim’s Test & Tag. These existing networks could facilitate the swift establishment of his franchise and provide a steady stream of clients from the start.

Josh’s analytical approach and industry experience guided him toward the right franchise opportunity. His story highlights the importance of thorough research and thoughtful consideration when venturing into entrepreneurship. It’s not always about the first choice, but about finding the best fit that aligns with personal goals, financial expectations, and lifestyle preferences. And for Josh, the journey with Jim’s Test & Tag was about to begin, filled with promise.

The Fruits of the Journey with Jim’s Test & Tag

A Whole New Lifestyle: The Gift of Time

Taking control of his career with Jim’s Test & Tag, Josh discovered a new world where he could prioritize his family and personal life alongside his profession. His lifestyle underwent a significant transformation – no longer trapped in a relentless work routine, he gained the freedom to define his own schedule. Josh could now be present for the important moments in his family’s life, whether it was celebrating milestones or indulging in personal hobbies like golf. This newfound balance brought him a sense of fulfillment that his previous job lacked. Choosing Jim’s Test & Tag gave Josh a rewarding career and a lifestyle enriched with quality family time and personal pursuits.

From Scarcity to Abundance: A Thriving Business

Joining Jim’s Test & Tag not only brought Josh a balanced lifestyle but also an abundance of work. His calendar quickly filled up with appointments, and within just over two years, he had a full schedule. This influx of work was a testament to the popularity and trust that the Jim’s Test & Tag brand enjoys. Additionally, Josh found a supportive and collaborative network among his fellow franchisees. They joined forces for larger projects, fostering camaraderie and mutual growth. This positive work dynamic was not only rewarding but also enlightening, showcasing the power of collective effort and collaboration.

Becoming a One-Stop Shop for Clients

With the wide range of services offered by Jim’s Test & Tag, Josh became a one-stop shop for his clients, setting him apart from the competition. Clients appreciated the convenience of having multiple needs addressed in one place. Josh combined his commitment to exceptional customer service with the use of top-notch testing equipment, providing an unbeatable experience. His straightforward and concise communication style resonated with his clientele, who valued his no-nonsense approach. By making their lives easier, Josh reinforced the trust and confidence they had in him and the Jim’s Test & Tag brand.

In the end, the journey with Jim’s Test & Tag brought about much more than just a career change for Josh. It led to a profound shift in his lifestyle, a successful business, and, most importantly, the gift of time – a treasure that money cannot buy. Josh Harmer’s story serves as an inspiration for those seeking to start their own business and yearning for a fulfilling and balanced life. It demonstrates that with the right opportunity and determination, it is possible to achieve both personal and professional success.


Josh Harmer’s journey with Jim’s Test & Tag exemplifies the fulfilling and balanced life that owning a franchise can offer. Transitioning from a demanding job to becoming his own boss provided not only financial stability but also the invaluable gift of time. For those contemplating a career shift, Josh’s story serves as a source of inspiration and proof that it is indeed possible to take control of your career and build a life that aligns with your values and aspirations.


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