Empowering Green Thumbs: Women Taking Charge at Jim’s Mowing Franchises

Introduction – An Untapped Opportunity in Jim’s Mowing

Venturing into the world of lawn care and garden maintenance through franchising is an exciting prospect. However, it’s not just a man’s world anymore. Women are increasingly entering this domain, and Jim’s Mowing is a franchise that acknowledges and supports this diversity. With its remarkable network and community, Jim’s Mowing offers a golden opportunity for women to nurture their passion for gardening and lawn care while running a successful business.

Sandy Skelton: From Hospitality to Greenery – A Paradigm Shift in Career

Sandy Skelton, a dynamic and experienced woman, embarked on a new journey with her husband Rod in 1996. Before that, she had been deeply involved in the hospitality industry for an impressive three decades.

Sandy was accustomed to the bustling and demanding nature of hospitality. However, as time went on, she and her husband began to crave a change, something that would allow them to reap the fruits of their labor in a different environment.

Enter Jim’s Group. Sandy recounts how they came across Jim’s Mowing through Mike Streusel, who was then managing the company. They were intrigued and driven by the idea of making a substantial lifestyle change. Both Sandy and Rod were about 40 years old at that time – an age where the craving for stability and quality of life starts taking precedence.

Taking an audacious step, they purchased a franchise of Jim’s Mowing. They found themselves at the forefront of a new venture as pioneers, with Rod becoming the first franchisee of Jim’s Mowing on the South Island. This was the start of a new chapter for them, one that was greener in the most literal sense.

Sandy and Rod didn’t have it all smooth sailing initially. Since Rod was the first Jim on the South Island, his very first mowing job was 30 miles away from the territory he had purchased. But their resilience and commitment quickly turned the tide.

They had a strong network of friends, and Rod’s gregarious nature helped them connect with more people. Their franchise grew exponentially.

As Sandy and Rod’s franchise thrived, they decided to take it a step further. They became franchisors by purchasing the entire region. This new role was not just about mowing lawns but involved mentoring and grooming new franchisees.

They played an integral part in building businesses from scratch. This involved a hands-on approach where they got to know the new franchisees, understood their backgrounds, and provided support for any issues they faced, from quoting to executing the jobs.

The Skeltons’ remarkable journey from the hospitality sector to being the guardians of greenery with Jim’s Mowing is a testament to their adaptability, perseverance, and acumen. They demonstrated that with the right mix of hard work, people skills, and a passion for what you are doing, one can build a flourishing and rewarding business.


Why Choose Jim’s Mowing? The Power of Community and Brand Recognition

When Sandy and Rod were contemplating their next career move, they knew they wanted something that felt personal and had an impact on the community. Jim’s Mowing emerged as the perfect fit due to its strong community-oriented approach and established brand name.

One of the aspects that initially attracted the Skeltons to Jim’s Mowing was its brand recognition. As a franchise, it’s a considerable advantage to join a brand that is already known and loved by many. It saves the effort and time that goes into building a brand from scratch. For aspiring business owners, this is a big plus.

What stood out for Sandy and Rod was how Jim’s Mowing wasn’t just about maintaining lawns; it was about building relationships. The Skeltons found that their franchise quickly gained popularity among the locals. An unforgettable part of this was their catchy jingle, which became quite a hit, especially among children, leading to a family-friendly image that further solidified their presence in the community.

Sandy recalls how they began to forge a bond not just with their customers, but also with other franchisees. This close-knit network was invaluable. It allowed them to share experiences, trade advice, and create a sense of camaraderie that you don’t always find in other businesses.

Moreover, Jim’s Mowing’s ethos aligned with what the Skeltons were looking for. The company’s focus on fairness, integrity, and rewarding hard work resonated deeply with them. This was not a faceless corporation, but a brand that valued its people, and that mattered to Sandy and Rod.

The Skeltons were also enamored by the franchise’s commitment to high-quality services. They understood that in the service industry, your reputation is everything. The dedication to excellence that Jim’s Mowing exemplified ensured that customers were not just satisfied but became loyal patrons.

Furthermore, the flexibility that the franchise model offered was a breath of fresh air for Sandy and Rod. It allowed them to maintain a balance between work and life, something that was harder to achieve in the hospitality sector.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Why Jim’s Mowing is a Winning Choice

When people think of lawn care and gardening, they often picture it as a male-dominated field. However, Jim’s Mowing is breaking these stereotypes by providing an inclusive environment where women can not only participate but thrive.

As a woman, joining Jim’s Mowing can offer you a plethora of benefits that cater to your strengths and preferences.


Flexibility for a Balanced Life:

One of the most attractive aspects for women joining Jim’s Mowing is the flexibility it offers. Being a franchise owner, you have control over your schedule. This is particularly beneficial for women who are also juggling family responsibilities. Whether it’s dropping kids to school, or attending a family event, the ability to manage work around life rather than the other way round is empowering.


A Breath of Fresh Air:

For those women who love the great outdoors, Jim’s Mowing is a dream come true. Being actively involved in outdoor work is not just healthy, but immensely satisfying. Sandy mentions how refreshing it is to be able to work in nature, and how this can positively impact one’s mental well-being.


A Woman’s Touch:

Interestingly, Sandy points out that women often bring a unique touch to the gardening aspect of the business. Their attention to detail and creativity can sometimes be exactly what a client is looking for. Moreover, some clients prefer interacting with women and feel more comfortable discussing their preferences and concerns with them. This can lead to strong customer relationships, which are key to business success.


Support System:

Starting a business can be daunting, but as a Jim’s Mowing franchisee, you’re not alone in this journey. The franchise offers comprehensive support in various aspects including training, bookkeeping, and customer service.

This ensures that you have the knowledge and resources needed to tackle any challenges that come your way. Sandy highlights how this support system was integral to their success.


Opportunities for Growth:

Jim’s Mowing boasts of immense work availability, especially in areas like Christchurch. What this means for aspiring women entrepreneurs is that there is a wealth of opportunities for growth and expansion.

As your business thrives, you can look into diversifying your services or even expanding to multiple locations.



Lastly, being a part of Jim’s Mowing means being a part of a larger community. The camaraderie among franchisees and the sense of being a part of something bigger can be highly motivating.

It’s not just about the financial gains, but also about the fulfillment that comes from contributing to your community and building something you can be proud of.

For women looking to plunge into the entrepreneurial world, Jim’s Mowing provides an avenue that is both rewarding and fulfilling. With its focus on flexibility, support, and community, coupled with the satisfaction of working outdoors and adding a personal touch to the services, it’s a win-win situation for women aspiring to make a mark in the business world.


A Blooming Business Journey: Life After Joining Jim’s Mowing

Stepping into the world of Jim’s Mowing, Sandy and Rod Skelton discovered a landscape filled with incredible growth and development opportunities.

They didn’t just become franchise owners; they evolved into foundational pillars, supporting and guiding new franchisees as they embarked on their entrepreneurial journeys. They take immense pride in their hands-on approach and the proactive role they play in assisting others to build their businesses. The result? A thriving and vibrant business community that continually expands and diversifies.


More Than Just a Business:

Upon joining Jim’s Mowing, the Skeltons experienced a significant shift in their lifestyle, finding that their work-life balance improved and their business growth was consistent. Their narrative suggests that owning a Jim’s Mowing franchise is more than just running a business—it’s a way of life, one that gives franchisees the freedom to build their dream businesses while also prioritizing their personal lives.

This aspect is particularly appealing to women looking to break away from the constraints of a 9-to-5 job and dive into a venture that fits into their unique life circumstances.


Nurturing Growth from the Ground Up:

In a way, becoming a part of Jim’s Mowing is like planting a tiny seed and then watching as it grows into a flourishing garden. It’s about more than just mowing lawns—it’s about creating beautiful outdoor spaces that bring joy to clients and create a positive impact on the community.

Moreover, being a franchise owner means you’re not just taking care of your own business; you’re playing a part in a larger network, nurturing new franchisees, and contributing to the overall growth of the brand.


Women in the Jim’s Mowing Community:

For women entrepreneurs, joining the Jim’s Mowing franchise holds the promise of a nurturing and supportive business environment.

The value that the franchise places on women’s contributions and their unique perspectives in the gardening and lawn care industry is substantial. It’s an empowering platform where women can express their business acumen, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Moreover, the franchise’s model and ethos have proven successful for women, providing a level playing field where they can strive, thrive, and ascend to leadership roles.


Opening Doors for Expansion:

With the growth of their franchise, the Skeltons discovered an abundance of opportunities for expansion, and their success story provides a blueprint for other aspiring franchise owners.

By joining Jim’s Mowing, women find themselves on a journey where they can expand their services, explore new markets, and potentially open more franchises. It’s a road that leads to a range of exciting prospects and the chance to make a significant impact on their lives and those of their customers.



Jim’s Mowing is not just a franchise; it’s a community where both men and women can build their dreams upon. With its incredible support system, established brand, and heart for the community, Jim’s Mowing stands as a beacon for aspiring women entrepreneurs seeking to make a mark in the lawn care and garden maintenance industry.

The empowering story of Sandy Skelton is a testament to the boundless opportunities that Jim’s Mowing offers for women ready to embrace their green thumbs.

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