Hamish McGettigan: From Water Coolers to Green Lawns – A Journey of Transformation

Introduction: Embracing a New Path

Meet Hamish McGettigan, a vibrant individual who traded the monotony of servicing water coolers for the gratifying experience of nurturing lush lawns. With a fervor for gardening and a desire to take control of his career, Hamish found his calling in Jim’s Mowing. In this post, we uncover Hamish’s life before Jim’s Mowing, the factors that propelled his career shift, and how joining Jim’s Mowing became the turning point in his life.

If you’re considering a career change or aspiring to be your own boss, Hamish’s story is sure to inspire.

Getting to Know Hamish McGettigan: Life Before Jim’s Mowing

Hamish McGettigan is a down-to-earth guy originally from Nelson. Prior to entering the gardening world, he lived in Wellington with his loving wife. Hamish’s life before Jim’s Mowing was rather ordinary. He worked for a company called Glue, which specialized in bottled water and water coolers.

As a service technician, his role involved traveling extensively. With his trusty van, he would drive around, making stops at homes and office buildings to fix water coolers.

Despite being on the move, Hamish found his work lacking the excitement that fuels the spirit. His days became repetitive – getting in the van, fixing coolers, and repeating the same routine the next day.

Being confined to buildings and stuck inside his van made him feel constrained. He yearned for the open air and a change of scenery.

Moreover, Hamish had a strong affinity for interacting with people, but his job did not allow for much of that. The brief conversations while fixing water coolers failed to satisfy his desire for meaningful connections. Additionally, his work was primarily reactive, as he had to wait for water coolers to malfunction before he could take action. This reactive nature left him feeling like his work life was out of his control.

What’s remarkable about Hamish is that he didn’t initially realize he had an entrepreneurial spirit within him. The idea of being his own boss hadn’t crossed his mind. However, deep down, he longed for something different – an occupation that would engage him, bring him outdoors, and provide a sense of purpose.

Family played a significant role in Hamish’s life outside of work. While residing in Wellington with his wife, he desired a life where he could spend quality time with his family without the constant worry of service calls. Although his job paid the bills, it failed to provide the fulfilling life he envisioned.

This was Hamish’s life before Jim’s Group – a good-natured individual stuck in a monotonous job, yearning for open spaces and a sense of purpose. Little did he know that life was about to take a turn, leading him down a path where his simple passion for gardening would become his career, and the open sky would become his office.

Yearning for Change: Igniting the Flame of Transformation

In everyone’s life, there comes a point when the desire for change outweighs the comfort of familiarity.

For Hamish, this moment arrived during the COVID-19 pandemic, a period that triggered global transformation, reshaping personal and professional landscapes.

The pandemic acted as a wake-up call for many, reminding them of life’s unpredictability. Hamish was no exception. He began reassessing his lifestyle, career choices, and future aspirations. He yearned for a role where he could be the decision-maker, where taking a day off wouldn’t require permission from someone else.

He craved greater control over his life, something his position at Glue failed to offer.

While the global health crisis brought uncertainty, it also sparked self-reflection in Hamish. He discovered that he wasn’t suited for a routine 9-to-5 job.

The prospect of variety each day, the allure of the great outdoors, and the satisfaction of physical labor intrigued him more than the familiarity of his service technician role.

Hamish had always embraced hard work. However, he desired a different kind of labor – one that wouldn’t confine him within four walls or the confines of his van. He yearned for an occupation that would allow him to exert himself under the open sky.

He sought work that went beyond mere toil, offering joy, tranquility, and a tangible sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Above all, Hamish wanted to break free from the monotony that permeated his job. He longed for a career that would not only pay the bills but also bring him happiness and fulfillment. He aspired for a job where he could witness the tangible results of his hard work, where his sweat and effort would create something beautiful.

As he explored various opportunities, Hamish discovered his love for gardening during the lockdown. This newfound interest wasn’t just a passing hobby; it ignited a deep-seated passion that he envisioned transforming into a career. He began considering options that would allow him to work in nature’s embrace, become his own boss, and pursue his gardening passion.

Join us as we delve into how Hamish’s desire for change led him to Jim’s Mowing, enabling him to turn his gardening passion into a thriving business.

Embarking on His Jim’s Journey: Why Jim’s Mowing Was the Perfect Choice

As Hamish’s passion for gardening and lawn care grew, he set out to turn this passion into a career. However, the decision wasn’t just about what he wanted to do; it was also about finding the right platform to launch his venture. In this pursuit, Jim’s Mowing emerged as the ideal choice.

Hamish was already familiar with the Jim’s Mowing brand, which resonated with him due to its established reputation and recognition. What particularly attracted him was the structure and support offered by the franchise. This was invaluable to someone transitioning from employment to entrepreneurship.


The existing customer base and the steady stream of work generated through the Jim’s Mowing website were significant advantages. This meant Hamish wouldn’t have to spend excessive time and effort on marketing and acquiring clients, which can be a significant hurdle for independent gardeners.

Moreover, the franchise model provided Hamish with a desirable level of autonomy. As an owner-operator, he could make decisions without going through a lengthy approval process. This flexibility felt like a breath of fresh air after being confined in his previous job.

Financially, joining Jim’s Mowing was also appealing to Hamish. As an owner-operator, his efforts and completed jobs directly contributed to his own financial well-being. He likened this to the difference between owning and renting a home, stating, “I’m making my money, it’s going in my pocket.”

The nature of the work aligned perfectly with Hamish’s love for the outdoors and gardening. He relished the idea of transforming lawns and engaging in physically satisfying and rewarding labor. This was a stark contrast to his previous job, which lacked the freedom and connection with nature that he desired.

Hamish also recognized the potential in the range of services he could offer under the Jim’s Mowing brand. While lawn mowing and trimming were the foundation, he was particularly interested in lawn renovation, a specialized service he wanted to explore further.

For aspiring entrepreneurs in the gardening industry, Jim’s Mowing provides an opportunity to avoid the initial struggles of starting a business. With an established brand, a steady workflow, and the freedom to operate as an owner-operator, Jim’s Mowing can serve as a launchpad for turning a passion for gardening into a thriving business, just as it did for Hamish.

In the next section, we will explore the tangible benefits and outcomes that Hamish experienced after embarking on his Jim’s Mowing journey. Whether you’re considering starting your own business or seeking a career change, Hamish’s experience can provide the inspiration you need to take that leap.

The Green Grass of Success: Hamish’s Life After Jim’s Mowing

Joining Jim’s Mowing opened doors to a more fulfilling life for Hamish, as he gained:

Control and Flexibility

Being his own boss gave Hamish the freedom to manage his schedule and achieve a better work-life balance effortlessly.

Personal Growth and Satisfaction

The physical nature of the job was challenging but incredibly satisfying for Hamish. Working outdoors and being his own boss improved his mental well-being.

Expanded Services

In addition to mowing, Hamish was able to explore his passion for lawn renovations, expanding his knowledge of grass varieties and lawn care techniques. He aspires to expand these services further.

Customer Base Growth

Hamish successfully grew his regular customer base from around 60 to 90 in a short period. His dedication, combined with the credibility of the Jim’s Mowing brand, contributed to the expansion of his business.

Financial Freedom

As an owner-operator at Jim’s Mowing, Hamish directly benefited from the profits generated. This financial independence was a significant improvement from his previous job.


Hamish McGettigan’s story exemplifies the power of embracing change and pursuing one’s passion. By leaving the routine comfort of a regular job and embarking on a journey with Jim’s Mowing, Hamish transformed his life. The control, flexibility, and personal and financial growth he experienced are remarkable.

For those seeking a career that provides autonomy and fulfillment, Hamish’s story serves as a shining example. Whether it’s gardening, cooking, or any other craft, it’s evident that when passion, hard work, and the right opportunity align, the grass can indeed be greener on the other side.


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