Unlocking Success through Franchising: The Inspiring Story of Gordon Simmons at Jim’s Test and Tag

If you’ve ever wondered whether owning a franchise could be your pathway to financial stability and a fulfilling career, look no further. Gordon Simmons’ story serves as an excellent case study on how Jim’s Test and Tag can empower individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Let’s dive into Gordon’s journey and discover how making a career shift led him to prosper in a franchise model.

The Man Behind the Entrepreneur: Gordon Simmons, Pre-Jim’s

Before Gordon became a franchise owner with Jim’s Group, he was a hard-working individual with an interest in technology. Residing in Trentham, Upper Hutt, he had a lovely family, with a wife and two grown-up kids.

Gordon was engaged in a role quite different from what he does now, but he harbored a desire for change and a career that would offer more in terms of satisfaction and rewards.

Life Before the Big Change:

Every morning, like many of us, Gordon would wake up and go to his job, where he was feeling unfulfilled. His workday was routine and mundane, and he felt like he was stuck in a rut. He loved tinkering with gadgets and had a curious mind.

He knew he wanted to do something where he could put his passion for technology to good use.

After work, he would often talk to his wife and friends about his dreams of owning a business. His conversations would revolve around wanting more control over his work life and spending more time with his family. But like many people dreaming of starting their own business, the thought of it was daunting. He had concerns about the risks and the uncertainties that come with starting a business from scratch.

The Idea of Owning a Franchise:

One evening, while having a casual chat with a friend who owned a franchise, something clicked for Gordon. Owning a franchise seemed like a brilliant idea! He would have the chance to run his own business but with less risk compared to starting something entirely new. Plus, he would get support and guidance from a bigger brand. This felt like the perfect balance between entrepreneurship and security.

The Research Phase:

Gordon didn’t jump into this new venture blindly. He knew that if he wanted to make this work, he needed to do his homework.

He spent hours after work and on weekends researching different franchises. He read articles, watched videos, and even attended seminars about franchising. His family could see the fire in his eyes – he was determined.

Talking to the Family:

Before taking any concrete steps, Gordon sat down with his family. He shared his findings, his passion, and his dreams with them. It was important for him to know that they were on board with this big change.

They would be his support system, and he needed to know they were with him on this journey. Luckily, his family shared his enthusiasm. They knew the road ahead could be tough, but they were excited about what the future could bring.

Before embarking on his franchising adventure with Jim’s Test and Tag, Gordon was a man with a dream. He was passionate about technology and desired a career that would allow him to make a difference while being his own boss.

He didn’t let fear hold him back. Through research, determination, and family support, he took steps to change his life’s direction. It’s a reminder to all aspiring entrepreneurs that sometimes the first step toward achieving your dreams is to simply believe in yourself and take the plunge.

Taking the Leap: The Reason for the Career Shift

Gordon was on the lookout for a change, an interesting role that would break the monotony and offer him an opportunity to do something novel.

He was not just looking for a different job; he wanted a career that would align with his interests and values. His research led him toward franchises as a viable option. The idea of owning a business while being backed by a well-established brand appealed to him. This marked the beginning of his journey into the franchising world.

A Stroll Down Franchise Lane:

Gordon, the man who was eager to turn over a new leaf, dived deeper into the idea of owning a franchise. He realized that franchising offers a blend of independence and support that was not common in other business models.

With a franchise, he could have the best of both worlds – running his own show while having a support network.

Why a Franchise and Not a Start-up?

He had considered starting his own business from scratch but soon realized that the risks involved were much higher. A franchise, on the other hand, comes with a proven business model. He would also have access to established branding, marketing strategies, and operational processes. This was the turning point for Gordon – he knew he found what he was looking for.

What’s in a Brand?

While researching, Gordon understood the power of branding.

He figured that being associated with a recognizable brand would provide him with instant credibility. Customers are more likely to trust a brand they are familiar with, and this was a huge plus point in favor of buying a franchise.

Selection and Due Diligence:

Selecting the right franchise was crucial. Gordon made lists of potential franchises that matched his interests, particularly in the technology sector.

He got in touch with current franchise owners to get firsthand insights. This was a golden opportunity for him to ask questions and understand the day-to-day operations and challenges.

The Eureka Moment:

After weeks of research and conversations, he stumbled upon Jim’s Test and Tag – a franchise that specializes in electrical testing and tagging.

It was like finding the missing piece of a puzzle. The business aligned with his interest in technology and gadgets. He could visualize himself building a successful venture while enjoying the work.

Securing the Finances:

Before moving any further, Gordon had to ensure that he could finance the franchise. He met with several banks and even considered taking a small business loan. After weighing his options and working out the numbers, he finally managed to secure the necessary funds.

With his mind made up and finances secured, Gordon was ready to embark on this new adventure. This career shift was not just about making money; it was about creating a fulfilling life aligned with his interests and values.

For all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, Gordon’s story serves as an inspiration. It highlights the importance of thorough research, understanding your own interests, and finding a path that resonates with you.

Owning a franchise can be the golden ticket for those who dream of being entrepreneurs but wish for the safety net of a larger brand backing them up.

Setting Sails with Jim’s: The Selection and Onboarding Process

When Gordon started exploring franchises, he wanted to make sure he associated himself with a brand that was fair and supportive of its franchisees. After extensive research, Jim’s Test and Tag emerged as a natural fit. What impressed Gordon was the fairness in the franchise fees and the extensive support framework provided by Jim’s.

Gordon points out that the fees are nominal and fixed monthly, allowing franchise owners to have a clear picture of their outgoings. Furthermore, the lead-based payment structure ensured that the more business he got, the more he earned without additional overheads.

Another aspect that was a clincher for Gordon was the support network. Being in a technical domain, Jim’s Test and Tag franchise owners sometimes encounter complex situations. Having access to a network of experienced professionals to consult with or share insights becomes invaluable.

The comprehensive training provided in Melbourne, Australia, played a significant role in equipping him with the necessary skills.

Reveling in Success: The End Results of Choosing Jim’s Test and Tag

Gordon’s decision to become a franchise owner with Jim’s has proven to be immensely successful. He provides a plethora of services ranging from electrical safety testing to fire extinguisher maintenance.

He prides himself in being a one-stop shop for safety concerns and is driven by the purpose of educating his customers and helping them manage risks.

Jim’s Test and Tag stands apart from other independent contractors due to the high level of technical understanding and attention to detail that franchise owners like Gordon bring to the table.

He mentions that many tests done by other contractors are either incorrect or incomplete. Gordon’s technical acumen and dedication to standards ensure that his customers receive the highest quality of service.

Moreover, the personal touch and engagement that Gordon offers have earned him the trust and loyalty of his clients. His clientele ranges from small mechanic shops to large corporate offices, schools, and heavy industries.

Not just professionally, the franchise has had a positive impact on Gordon’s personal life as well. He mentions that his lifestyle is comfortable, and the business supports the life choices he has made. He has been able to create a harmonious balance between work and family life.


Gordon Simmons’ journey from seeking a fulfilling career to becoming a successful franchise owner with Jim’s Test and Tag is nothing short of inspiring.

It is a testament to the potential of the franchising model in empowering individuals to achieve professional success and personal satisfaction. For those looking to make a career shift or dive into entrepreneurship, considering a franchise with a supportive, fair, and reputable brand like Jim’s Test and Tag might be your key to unlocking success.


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